Our entire Menu is available for takeout! 
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MoonMex Rolls  #56    

Spicy chicken, black beans, peppers and onions rolled together with avocado cream and salsa on the side. 



Quesadilla Wrap  #55    

Grilled tortilla filled with cheese, onions, and chives with guacamole, salsa and sour cream on the side. 

Also available with chicken or steak.



Pot Stickers  #51    

Chicken filled pot stickers served with an Asian sauce for dipping, cucumber, fresh scallions, and mango salsa. 



MoonDip  #23    

A three cheese MoonFondu with sautéed spinach and roasted garlic served with ciabatta toasts and fresh tomato basil tapenade.  Substitute fries for the bread for an additional price.



Nachos Grande  #57    

With savory guacamole, sour cream, salsa, shredded lettuce, jalapenos and olives. 

Choice of chicken or chili topping. 



Fried Fresh Mozzarella  #54    

Fresh bocconcini mozzarella lightly coated with seasoned panko crumbs and fresh basil. 

Marinara sauce for dipping. 



MoonWings  #24    

Our own special recipe, served with fresh greens and our special moonspot bleu cheese dressing and julienne fresh jicama.  Served mild or hot.   Available in Small or Large sizes. Or try the MoonBonelessWings, same as our famous wings without the bones. 



Four Moon Appetizer Sampler  #60

Fried mozzarella, moonmex rolls, pot stickers and moonwings served with sauces for dipping.



Soup of the Day  #8 

A healthy serving of our fresh soup of the day.  Available as a cup or bowl.







Add grilled or crispy chicken, steak or shrimp to any meal for an additional price.



A Little Bit of Each  #120  

Served until 5pm only, Monday thru Friday.  Includes a house salad, a bowl of our soup of the day and a lunch size sandwich (choose from: LunarTuna, Turkey Club or Roast Beef).  Add 1.00 for a Caesar salad.



House Salad  #140    

Fresh greens, olives, provolone, tomato, parmesan cheese and drizzled with basil shallot dressing.     Small  or  Large 



Iceberg Wedge  #142    

Sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh scallions, crumbled bacon and creamy maytag bleu cheese dressing. 



Asian Pear Salad  #141    

Tamari pecans, maytag bleu cheese, baby greens, chopped raisins, extra virgin olive oil, pear syrup and cider vinegar. 



Garden Salad  #31    

Fresh organic greens tossed with Panzanella, Tuscan croutons, cherry tomatoes, black & green olives, fried vinegar peppers, hard boiled egg, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with parmesan and provolone. 



Caesar Salad  #30    

Fresh romaine with Tuscan croutons, diced tomato and our special dressing made with fresh garlic, dijon mustard, blended olive oil and topped with shaved provolone & parmesan cheese.  Also available as a wrap! 



FallMoon Salad  #35    

Fresh baby greens tossed with toasted pine nuts, crisp apple slices, dried apricots, raisins and fresh raspberries laced with an apple raspberry vinaigrette and served with raisin nut bread topped with cream cheese. 



SummerMoon Salad  #37    

Fresh baby spinach tossed with croutons, red and yellow vinegar peppers, sautéed portobello with a hot bacon and shallot balsamic vinegar dressing.  Topped with a hard boiled egg, grated parmesan and provolone.  A SummerMoon presentation!! 



SpringMoon Salad  #36    

Fresh baby greens tossed with shelled pistachios, dried cranberries and dried plums, laced with fresh pears and soft feta cheese and drizzled with our Asian pear dressing.  Raisin nut bread!! 





Steak Salad #38    

Fresh baby greens tossed with our moonspot bleu cheese dressing, sliced pepperoncini peppers, Italian olives, diced imported provolone, cherry tomatoes, and topped with thinly sliced marinated flank steak.  Low carbs!! 









Harvest Moon Vegetable Wrap  #28

Grilled fresh vegetables lightly seasoned with basil shallot, Modena balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil, wrapped in lightly breaded fried Italian eggplant, sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese and served with fresh sautéed baby spinach and roasted garlic.  




MoonDragon Stir Fry  #25    

Pan seared fresh vegetables, red & yellow Holland peppers, portobello mushroom, asparagus, yellow squash, snow peas, green onions, baby peas and roasted garlic, served with crackling fried rice, a vegetable spring roll and basil shallot sauce for dipping.  Also available with chicken, steak or shrimp.




Flat Iron Steak  #46    

Served with a light demi-glaze, smashed garlic potatoes, fresh vegetables  and angel hair onion rings.  Comes with a house salad. 





Eggplant Rollatini  #67    

Rollatini of eggplant, ricotta, provolone, and parmesan cheeses.  Served with a side of penne topped with fresh tomato sauce.   Comes with a house salad. 








Served with a house salad.



MoonRiver Salmon  #26    

Tastefully seasoned pan seared Atlantic salmon served with fresh grilled asparagus, sautéed baby spinach, crackling basmati rice and jumbo shrimp garni



Scallops  #63    

Giant tender fresh sea scallops, lightly coated in panko crumbs, flash fried and served with pan seared crackling fried rice, fresh greens, angel hair onion rings, Modena balsamic vinegar reduction and moonsauce for dipping.  




Fish Tacos  #68    

Soft tacos filled with lightly coated fresh fish and fried with seasoned panko crumbs, drizzled with a ranch & sour cream sauce and served with moonslaw



MoonSeared Scallops  #45    

Fresh herb and spice crusted jumbo sea scallops, pan seared and served with wilted spinach, crispy fried potato, and a balsamic demi-glaze. 







Served with a house salad.





MoonTide Shrimp  #27    

Sautéed shallots, garlic, and colossal sized shrimp with heavy cream and a touch of parmesan, tossed with baby peas and farfalle pasta (Bow Ties). An old recipe revived by our MoonChefs.  A dish you don't want to miss!! 



Rigatoni  #100    

Short rigatoni tossed with sautéed yellow onion, crumbled Italian pork sausage, chopped San Marzano tomato, fresh basil, laced with fresh ricotta cheese, parmigiana Reggiano and cracked black pepper.  One of our all time favorites! 



Ravioli  #96    

Cheese ravioli filled with creamy ricotta, sautéed in a light wine sauce with fresh spinach, cherry tomato, asparagus, roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil, touch of tomato and shaved parmesan. 







Served with a house salad.



Penne with Pan Fried Chicken Cutlet  #99

Penne Pasta tossed with our classic MoonTomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic and a touch of red pepper.  Served with a pan sautéed chicken cutlet, light béchamel and pecorino romano cheeses. 



Asian Chicken Stir Fry  #72    

Honey coated, pan fried chicken with light soy ginger, shallots, snow peas, carrots and steamed rice. 




Country Chicken  #64    

Fresh boneless chicken seasoned and coated with panko crumbs, lightly fried and served on fluffy mashed potatoes, a light brown gravy, a fresh baked biscuit and sautéed spinach. 










Galaxy MoonBurger  #11    

A perfect burger with our own special moonsauce, thin sliced sweet onion, vine ripe tomato, dill pickle and fresh greens served on a fresh baked roll. A burger to fly for!  Choice of fries or the pasta side of the day. 



Ranch Cheddar Burger  #111

Bacon, grilled red onion, ranch dressing and cheddar cheese.  Fries on the side. 



Cobb Burger Platter  #112    

A smorgasbord of guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cole slaw, brucshetta and angel hair onion rings all served atop a bunless burger. 



Veggie Burger  #113    

Our own freshly made vegetable burger with a roasted vegetable glaze.  Comes with a house salad on the side. 



Crisp Chicken Burger  #114    

Crispy chicken coated with a choice of  buffalo sauce or ranch dressing, caramelized onions, and fresh spinach.  Fries on the side. 



Turkey Burger  #115    

Fresh ground turkey seasoned with garlic, herbs, spices, and basil shallot dressing, served with a house salad, baby spinach and cranberry sauce. 



Tilapia Burger  #116    

Crispy coated with horseradish slaw and fresh spinach.  Fries on the side. 







All sandwiches are served with, unless otherwise stated.

Sub fries for an additional price.



Pan Seared Chicken Sandwich  #14

Lightly coated with seasoned crumbs and pan fried, topped with fresh spinach, provolone and extra virgin olive oil.  Served on flat bread. 



Grilled Cheese Panini  #7    

Thin slices of imported Italian fontina & fresh mozzarella with cracked black pepper.  Grilled with extra virgin olive oil on flatbread.  Add tomatoes and baby spinach for  an additional price.    Add bacon for an additional price.




Cheese Steak  #19    

We've taken the Philly classic and raised it to JavaMoonClassic!  Made with fresh sliced roast beef, scallions, roasted garlic, onions, tomatoes and tossed with our own melted three cheese blend.  Served on a hero roll.  Comes with a house salad on the side. 



Sausage Hero  #17    

An Italian grilled sausage with sautéed yellow & red peppers, sweet onions and fresh garlic served on a fresh hero roll with a side antipasto salad.  It doesn't get any better than this!! 



Grilled Portobello  #10    

Grilled portobello with roasted asparagus, grilled yellow & red peppers, fresh greens, grilled tomato, goat cheese and served on fresh baked focaccia



Turkey Club  #9    

Oven roasted turkey with smoked mozzarella, Roma tomato and fresh greens, with basil shallot for dipping and served on grain bread.   Also available as a wrap! 



MoonGarden CLT  #1    

Grilled flatbread with smoked mozzarella, vine ripe tomatoes, fresh greens and basil shallot dressing with extra virgin olive oil. 


LunarTuna  #6    

Fresh solid white meat tuna with greens and cracked black pepper, tossed with Hellman's mayonnaise and served on your choice of flatbread or seven grain bread.   Also available as a wrap! 



MoonBird Ciabatta  #5    

Grilled rosemary chicken breast, baby spinach, roasted peppers, imported provolone and extra virgin olive oil served on fresh ciabatta bread. 



Crispy Eggplant  #15    

Fresh eggplant lightly breaded and fried, served on baked focaccia with fresh basil, layered with creamy ricotta cheese and Pecorino Romano, a touch of San Marzano tomato sauce and sautéed spinach. 



Italian Focaccia  #4    

Grilled Italian eggplant with fire roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, basil shallot dressing and served on fresh focaccia bread. 



Steak Ciabatta  #3    

Grilled marinated flank steak, thinly sliced, oven roasted plum tomato, fresh spinach, parmesan, pepperoncini with horseradish and caper mayonnaise.  Served on ciabatta bread. 



Roast Beef Focaccia  #12    

Thinly sliced roast beef marinated in a special moonsauce with grilled peppers, angel hair onion rings, fresh greens and served with horseradish slaw on fresh baked focaccia



Salmon BLT  #18    

Pan seared MoonRiver Salmon with crispy bacon, fresh Roma tomato, garlic mayo and baby greens on whole grain bread.  Served with a moonsalad on the side. 









Basmati Rice

Brown Rice

Sautéed Spinach

Grilled Asparagus

Angel Hair Onion Rings

Smashed Garlic Potatoes









Morning Quesadilla  #74

Flour tortilla, scrambled eggs, bacon, peppers, onions, black beans, cilantro, cheddar, sour cream and guacamole.



Fried Eggs  #93

All MoonFried eggs are made with three eggs any style and come with toast and moonpotatoes. With your choice of sausage, bacon, ham or taylor ham. 




All of our MoonScrambles are made with three eggs and come with toast and moonpotatoes.

#88   HamScramble

#89   BaconScramble

#90   SausageScramble

#91   CheeseScramble

#92   Plain Scramble





All of our frittatas are made with three eggs and come with toast and moonpotatoes.


Italian Frittata  #84

Potatoes, scallions, garlic, roma tomato, fresh basil, topped with pecorino romano and extra virgin olive oil. 


Cheese Frittata  #85

With your choice of provolone, american, fontina, goat or fresh mozzarella cheeses. 


Bacon Frittata  #86

Crisp bacon, diced red & green peppers, garlic and roma tomato. 




Vegetable & Fresh Herb Omelette  #87

Eggplant, asparagus and roma tomato with fresh herbs, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano and with a hint of fresh garlic. 



Eggs Benedict  #76

The classic with a twist! Toasted english muffin, poached egg, sautéed mushrooms, moonperfect hollandaise, canadian bacon and fresh fruit. For a vegetarian dish, substitute the canadian bacon for tomato and spinach. 




Belgian Waffles


Maple Butter Waffle  #83

Served with fresh whipped sweet cream, butter and maple syrup. 


Strawberries Jubilee  #81

Fresh berries sautéed with sugar and our special flavorings makes this classic erupt with flavor! 


Banana Foster  #80

A classic dessert combined with our special Belgian Waffles makes this an extraordinary combination!! 




Moon Triple Crater  #78

Scrambled eggs, American toast, sausage and bacon, served with moonpotatoes and toast.  Sorry, no substitutions with this order!! 



American Toast  #94

A creation that was worth the wait.  If you love french toast, American Toast is like no other!! An elegant presentation of flavor and richness!! 



Stuffed American Toast  #77

Fresh brioche stuffed with creamy peanut butter and fresh bananas, topped with toasted pecans, hot caramel, fresh whipped cream and cocoa sugar!! 



Fruit Platter  #79

Seasonal fresh fruit salad served in a half cantaloupe with fresh berries, vanilla yogurt and toasted coconut!!  Refreshing and healthy!! 




Breakfast Sandwiches

Available on a bagel, english muffin, roll, or whole grain bread upon request.






We use non trans fat oil for frying. 


Please advise us of any food allergies. 
Consuming raw or uncooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase risk of food borne illnesses.


Our entire Menu is available for take out.